Dear Brown skin girl. This world is going to teach you to be elastic. The demands of this life are gong to stretch you longer, further than you could ever imagine.

Congratulations you’re a mother. Welcome to the moment you will learn to become elastic.

12 years ago. Year 2008

“How can I make this $40 dollars stretch into 5 days worth of food? I’m working non stop, I’m trying not give up, it seems at times as though I’m fighting a losing battle.” Be elastic.

“Why is she working this hard and she’s still struggling? She just needs to move back to Kansas. Did you hear she’s barely making it? I heard that she’s paying such and such for rent trying to keep her kids in a good school district….I know there are cheaper houses somewhere else. I don’t even think she’s ever taken her kids or herself on a real vacation. She’s just always writing about things, living in a fantasy world.” Be elastic.

“I wonder if they know I have goals. I wonder if they realize that for fun I drive around amazing neighborhoods with my kids and we look at houses with the hopes of living in something that nice one day. One day I’m going to be able to travel and show my kids the world. I know I will. In the mean time I’m going to continue to write about things as though I’ve experienced them. Putting my dreams on paper will one day become a reality.” Be elastic

“So yeah, I know that I’m living in a home in a neighborhood that I can barely afford, but my kids schooling means the world to me. I have to put them in a position to succeed. Even if it means ramen, bologna, and chicken. Having a good education is priceless. One day though one day I know all this hard work will pay off. So they can talk about me now, it’s ok.” Be elastic

2016-2020 present.

Wow you’ve had how many promotions the last 8 years? Pretty outstanding.

“Thank you God, it’s 2016 and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor. It’s been a long journey, but professionally I’m starting to arrive. I’m still working hard but I’m making more money than I ever have. I’m able to do the things on my bucket list with my children. Those neighborhoods I use to drive through with my children looking at all the beautiful homes…we live in them now. The vacations I use to write about but never experienced we are able to experience them now.” Be elastic

“Hey self it’s me again.” “How are you holding up?” “Not very well.” “Yeah I figured weren’t but you can’t let the world know. You have a lot of people depending on you, and some that would love to see you fail. You’ve come to far to give up now.” Be elastic

“Did you hear about her son? I heard this on the news, I read this on Facebook. I wonder what she has to say about it? I know she has to be going crazy, I would be. She hasn’t said much about it on social media. Did you see she’s on yet another vacation? Oh I think she just brought a new car? She got another promotion and she’s moving her kids yet again. Wow you’ve got to be kidding me.” “Still he ant seen her post much on social media about her son. How can she be so positive? It has to be a front. I mean come on I know she’s going through hell. Why hasn’t she posted about it on social media?” Be elastic

“Mom I have private training. Mom I have a game. Mom you haven’t spent much time with your granddaughter. Mom you haven’t spent much time with me. Mom don’t forget this time. Mom did you forget? I told you a week ago. To retain me we are going to need xxxxxx money down to take this case. You have it right? Of course you do. Mom I thought you were off? You are working on your off days again? Hey mom I need to go such and such. ” BE ELASTIC

“Hey self it’s me again.” “Yeah I know I’ve been waiting on you.” “Self, I’m so humble for my life. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I have and the opportunities I’m able to extend to others. But self I’m still only one person.” “Dear Brown skin girl I knew this day would come and I would have to remind you to BE ELASTIC. I would have to remind you to bend and not break. To stretch and not break. To form, reform and form again because in this world, in this life you will have to reshape a 1,000 times and a 1,000 times again. You are going to evolve over and over and over again. Every realm of this life will require a new you. But one thing I forgot to tell you. Elasticity also needs a break. Don’t forget to recharge. Take a moment out for yourself. It’s not being selfish it’s being human. Also cancel out the noise. They talked about you 12 years ago, and they’ll talk about you now. I’ve never seen opinions pay one of your bills. So let em talk. You are greater than anything designed to defeat you. Remember that when the nights are long and the days are short.” This is your love letter.

To be continued.

One thought on “Elastic

  1. You truly are the definition of a strong independent woman. Your power and your words keep me strong, stay true and stay you! I miss you!! 💋❤️💋❤️

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