The underdog!

What a title right! Hello I’d like to introduce myself. I am the underdog! It’s a title I didn’t ask for. I never asked to be the underdog, I never said self when I was young “I would like to be an underdog.” When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut, a princess, at one time a vampire…but never did I say “I want to be an underdog.” It wasn’t until I learned of statistics for single black women with children, or heard people doubting my capabilities that did not know me, that I understood the meaning of a underdog. Once again this wasn’t a title I asked for. I mean think about when we are young, we hear we can be anything we want to be, we can accomplish anything we put our mind to. Why does that theory change once we become adults? Who drew the line that at a certain age we can’t accomplish things? Who drew the line that a certain gender can’t accomplish things? Who drew the line that one’s skin color means they can’t accomplish certain things? Who drew the line that if you don’t look a certain way you can’t accomplish things? Where exactly is this line located at? Today is the day WE STEP OVER THE LINE!

Hello let me introduce myself, I am the underdog. I have been underestimated a lot in my lifetime. I have heard she doesn’t have enough education, she isn’t analytical enough, she doesn’t look the part, she is a single mother, she is too passionate, she doesn’t have the financial status, that has never been done before, she isn’t the one to do it…it’s impossible, so forth, and so forth, etc…etc…etc…

Hello let me introduce myself I am the underdog. Through all the doubt, even with the naysayers, what they didn’t see was my grit. I may not be the smartest person in the room, but I am certainly the person with the most grit. I may have been overlooked for opportunities, but when it was finally my turn I put in in the work, and I never fold. I may not say all the right things to make you feel as though I am the most intelligent person in the room, but give me a little time and I will show you with results, that nothing is impossible. Rather I have a little, or much, I work as though I have everything to loose. Late nights, early mornings, weekends, it doesn’t matter. When you wear the title of the underdog, you understand that you have glass ceilings to break, not only for yourself, but every underdog that has been underestimated just like you.

This blog is for the underdogs, the ones that continue to defy the odds. The ones that may have to work harder, may have to build more muscle, may have to start at the bottom, may have to get it out the mud, may have to get in the trenches, may have to get a little dirty, may have to prove themselves a little more….This is for you! One thing about the underdog I know for certain, is they will win, they will celebrate their team, they will forever be passionate about people and lead through servant leadership, they will learn from failures, but most importantly THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

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