Your hair takes how long?

Yep you read the title let’s get it into it. I’m an African American woman and I don’t just “make a hair appointment” there are steps to this.

First my appointment is booked a month out because my beautician is booked and busy…and well I can’t just let anyone do my hair. Next the process of “getting my hair done” is a day and a half process. It is now midnight and I’m still taking my braids out (and also creating this blog) I’ll complete it by sometime tomorrow early afternoon, then I still have to wash, condition, and blow dry my hair. Next I have to go to the hair store, because well I need the hair for my next set of braids, then I head to the shop for my beautician to install, which normally takes about 6 hours.

I am an African American woman and this is process of doing my hair. It is planned out, thought out, scheduled in advanced, and a whole lot of patience. Next time that African American woman walks in with her hair braided, or a sew in, just know that she had to block off her calendar for her hair appointment, get things done in advance to ensure she could make her appointment.

The joys of being at the beauty shop. Being in that shop is serenity, being at the beauty shop is sacred. The beauty shop is like therapy, sometimes she pours her heart out, sometimes she falls asleep, but once her hair is finished and she looks in the mirror something magical happens…..she smiles and says “yaaassss I’m back!” So the next time you see a woman with braids and her edges are slicked down, give her compliment because she put thought and an extreme amount of effort into her crown.

It’s just hair you may think, but it’s not, it’s not just hair. It’s a semblance of who one is, or how one feels, or how one chooses to express themselves. It’s more than just hair, when your beautician slays your hair do, they are creating art and you are their muse. So your hair takes how long? Yep all of that and then some…….sprinkled with a whole lotta magic 🪄

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