The Village

I know I’ve thanked individuals in the Village. However I’m not quite sure if the Village quite understands how important they are to me and how much I truly love them. When they say it takes a village to raise our children, there isn’t a truer statement out there. Lets talk about the Village. The members of the Village are for life. Though some have a longer tenure than other in my children’s life. All of them are valuable and irreplaceable. Being a single mother of 5 children without the village my accomplishments would have been unachievable.

I have been blessed with an amazing family, both on my side and my children sides. From grandparents, to aunts and uncles, to cousins that have always played an important role in my children lives. I have also been blessed with amazing neighbors that turned into friends, coaches, my childrens friends parents, etc that also a huge part of the Village. I can remember my neighbor across the street named Dickey that soon became one of my greatest friends. She kept me encouraged as I was working my way up the corporate ladder. Her youngest daughter and my two youngest children were best friends. More importantly we became a family . She looked out for my children and I looked out for hers. When my oldest daughter graduated high school, I had been blessed with a promotion and we had moved to another city. Guess who drove 2 hours to come to her graduation after not seeing her for 2 years….Dickey. The meaning of the Village.

I can’t count on my fingers and toes how many times parents have ensured my children have made it to sporting events or camps because I was working. Never asking for anything in return. They were satisfied with being bonus parents to my children. The meaning of the Village.

There was time I could”t afford Christmas for my children. 10 years ago I was working hard, but had yet to make it as far as I am now in my career. With 5 children I was working as an ASM making $38,500 dollars a year. No child support, that was my sole income. I remember going to the support office and applying for food stamps and they told me I made $70 too much. $70!!!!! I could have cried! I was working every day just to pay bills, and put food on the table (which would consist of chicken at night and ramen noodles for lunch.) I still remember that Christmas 10 years ago. I literally had about $150 to try to spread between 5 five children. I was sad, but I knew my children would understand. It didn’t matter rather you gave them a $1,000 or a pack of gum they would have thanked you and been just as elated for either. Christmas Eve I had gotten off work and was cooking dinner for my children when they said there was a truck in the driveway. I looked out my window and there was my store manager and his wife. Carrying to my door bags of presents and bags of grocery. I remember he told “Q you are the hardest working individual I know, don’t give up. All this hard work will pay off.” I was left beyond thankful and speechless. The meaning of the Village.

The Village. The Village is virtually important and at times goes unseen and not talked about, but the Village is vitally important. The Village is priceless. The Village is the meaning of love and loyalty. I type this blog as a huge thank you to our Village. If you have ever played a role in my children lives….You are apart of our Village and I want you to know. This parenting gig would have been impossible without you!

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