Is there a limit?

We are taught to sacrifice. There isn’t a limit. As a mom you should. As a wife you should. As a significant other you should. Because you’re in a certain tax bracket you should. Extend yourself you can. No that’s not enough keep stretching.

As a mom, wife, or significant other you have to learn to say no. You have to learn to make decisions that everyone may not understand but you understand. You have to pour back into yourself. There is nothing commendable about sacrificing your entire being and losing yourself.

Who were you before the world told you who you had to be? What did you like before reality slowing came in and stole your dreams? What did you envision your grown up life to be like…..before you actually became a grown up? Take a minute. I’m not in a rush. I want your raw, untarnished answer.

Then there’s that word sacrifice. Women seem to hear this word far more often than men. Sacrfice for your marriage. Sacrifice for your children. Sacrifice for your career. Or better yet… are sacrificing too much for your career and not enough for your family. You can not do that, ladies don’t do that. A woman shouldn’t speak like that. You’re too self sufficient you’re going to scare a man off . You’re too feminist women can’t do that. You are suppose to cater that is a woman’s genetic makeup. We are caretakers.

STOP 🛑 IT….PLEASE!!! I’m not too self sufficient that I do not desire a solid, loyal, partnership. I shouldn’t have to dim my light 💡 for anyone else to shine. Together we should shine because the sun never apologizes for blinding people. Yes being a mother, a wife, a significant other is important but, it doesn’t come at the price of sacrificing your very soul. Being a caretaker and sacrificing your entire being are two completely different things. Stop acting as if they are one in the same.

Learn to say NO. Learn to make decisions that everyone may not understand. It’s ok. You aren’t here to please the world. Help people when you can, but you don’t have to cater to people. The truth is people at times can make you feel guilty for your success. Those same people wouldn’t even help you at your lowest point in life, now all of a sudden they are subject matter experts on your finances. It is easy to feed a 1,000 but how much more rewarding is it to teach a 1,000 to feed themselves.

Mediate. Shut out the outside noise and learn to reinvest in yourself. Look in the mirror who do you see? That’s the only person you can control. Go on that trip. Go back to school. Take that leap. Invest in your dreams. IT IS NOT TO LATE! No one wins if you deplete every ounce of your being for everyone else. You can’t give water if your well has ran dry. Learn to replenish yourself without feeling guilty. You will thank yourself. Those you love will get the best version of you. And honestly (yep I started a sentence with and 🤪 I’ve come to the conclusion that’s my signature move) the world will thank you, because believe it or not darling. Once you begin to invest in yourself. This universe will force reality to give you back your stolen dreams. This universe needs your gifts…..we all do.

So yes. There is a limit. It’s ok to say no. Even elastic breaks when stretched to far for too long. Take a break darling…’s time to dream again. You deserve it:

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