Debarkation Day! Time to go home.

  1. Of all the process this was most defiantly the lengthier of them all. This is where the fast to the fun would have came in handy. Oh I didn’t mention that. If you book early enough an d the fast to the fun is still available its $99 per cabin purchase it. It has a lot of perks but the most important one is you get to debark first!
  2. we had to be out of rooms around 8am I think. I choose to take my luggage with me because once I got off I knew I’d be ready to hit the highway and drive home. We were on deck 6 and had about a 2 hour wait for our deck to be called to debark taking a elevator to deck 10 was a nightmare. The middle elevators only work to get to the lower level to debark so everyone that was waiting had to use the elevator at the front or the back and most people were going to deck 10. The lindo food bar is there for breakfast as is the main pool area. Once we got up there we got up there we ate breakfast and hung out at the pool area for 2 hours. I was thankful it was not hot.
  3. When our deck was finally called to go down we were in lines waiting to get through customs for another hour, with all our luggage in tow.
  4. This is where passports are so much more convenient than birth certificates. All they do is scan the passport and your own your way out. With Birth certificate and Ids they have to key stuff in.
  5. Once we made it through customs and were off the ship this is the moment I wished I would have parked in carnival parking instead of a third-party.
  6. they people that parked in carnival parking walked straight to the carnival garage got in their vehicles and left.
  7. Our third party was right outside with a sign but we had to wait another 20 minutes for our shuttle bus to drop off another party before they could pick us up. Then I literally watched like a hawk them load all our luggage because I didn’t want anything left.
  8. Getting out of the parking lot was miserable. People were coming in for the next cruise shuttles were blocking the way and it was a  complete cluster.
  9. I want to leave you with this. I will now cruise every spring break with my children. This by far exceeds any spring break vaca we have every taken….including disney world. Please tip your cabin steward even if you pay your gratuities up front. They work extremely hard. I hope these blog post help you on your cruise. And if you’re a single mommy…..YOU ROCK!

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