What happens when your body sits you down?

I am, me. I am a warrior. I am a survivor. I am a magician. I am a leader. I am…..I am….a mother and that makes me a superhero! I am the face of “I don’t feel that well but it’s nothing a little cup of theraflu can’t fix. I have things to do.” I am the home remedy specialist when it comes to taking care of myself. Besides if you know anything about me, you know I am the single mother of 5 kids and I have worked hard to be in the position I am in.

What if we teach our daughters and granddaughters that self sacrifice isn’t a requirement. What if we told that single mama that it’s ok for her to take an hour and go to Barnes and noble and get lost in a book. That, that one hour you are spending on yourself isn’t selfish it is needed. What if, we teach our warriors to truly listen to their body, before their body sits them down. These past 3 days not being able to really move and being in extreme pain, helped me to realize that everyone/everything needs time to rejuvenate. These past 3 days have taught me that I am not invincible and even Q the warrior has to rest. These past 3 days not being able to do the things I’m used to doing has taught me not to forget myself, while taking care of others.

It happened to me. I started running fever! Fever??? Did she say fever!!??? Yep I thought it….did I have covid? I mean I do have a few days left before my second vaccine. Could it have caught up to me? You know what I’m certain it’s a common virus instead. Let me go ahead and whip out this theraflu, get under these blankets and I’ll feel better in the morning! Until I didn’t, I didn’t feel better in the morning I felt worse. The following day I felt so bad it hurt to move. I went to the dr. the first thing tested me for was Covid which came back negative but I was hurting so bad they wanted to do an X-ray. When the dr came back to my room she said “Ms. Rowe how many days were you hurting before the fever kicked in?” I looked at her, to be honest I wasn’t sure. I remember my stomach feeling a bit uncomfortable but I have such a high tolerance for pain, and I’m constantly on the go that I didn’t think much of it. I looked at her for a moment longer hoping she’d just give up on the question give me what I needed to fix me and send me on my way but she didn’t. “Ms. Rowe, how long?” Well looks like she isn’t going to let me out of this question “Ma’am I honestly don’t know.” She paused before she spoke which let me know she was thinking carefully about her choice of words. “Ms. Rowe I don’t know if you fully understand what’s going on. You have diverticulitis, and right now you have an infection in your stomach that we may not be able to treat without hospitalizing you. This can get real serious if infection spreads though out your body. Extremely serious.” I looked at her and tears filled my eyes, partly because of the pain and partly because me the warrior was scared. She wanted to try a round of antibiotics 3 times a day for next 10 days but if my fever didn’t break and didn’t stay broke for 24 hours within the next 48 hours I was getting hospitalized. Today is my first day moving around and getting back to a somewhat normal. My fever has stayed broke for 48 hours and I’m taking my medicine like clock work.

So yes Queen you are a warrior! You are a superhero! You embody strength. But Queen just don’t forget to take time out for you from time to time. Even warriors have to rejuvenate. Listen to your body so that your body doesn’t have to sit you down.

When you think of strength who comes to mind first Wonder Woman, or Lois??? Definitely Wonder Woman. She powerful, she embodies strength. If Wonder Woman ever needed a BFF I would be her lady! Sign me up! Yup that’s me! Powerful, full of strength!!! I think my mother named me the wrong name 😂. But what if strength wasn’t always about the ability to be powerful, or push through, or keep going. What if strength is sometimes the ability to recognize when your body is saying….. “hey there it’s me!! I need you to slow down and take care of me. I’ am running on empty and I need to be filled up.” We have to normalize that kind of strength for our women.

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