Lets keep it real.

Where to begin? I’m a 38 year old single mother of 5 with a granddaughter. I should probably mention I was married before….right. I mean god forbid people think “omg its a black woman that has 5 kids that has never been married.” Honestly though does it really matter if I were married or not? I also have a full time career that I have worked my ass off for. Yep I said it, ASS. If you get offended easily or if you need to hide behind a filtered mask and seem perfect, and correct every mistake that your human eyes can see…this isn’t the blog for you.

Be vulnerable, feel liberated, say SHIT. Its ok to admit that you fed your children sandwiches, chips, and a fruit juice on more than one occasion this week, because you just simply didn’t have it in you to cook. I promise you it’ll be ok. The world will go on, and your children will be just fine. We can talk about anything you like. I will post, as much as I can, I’m not a celebrity, I don’t have anyone proof reading my blogs and photo shopping my body before I post stuff (though I do know how to use a snap chat filter if needed). I want you to feel empowered…..to just be you, while I’m being me.